Alex Heeren

Alex is an electrical engineer who wants to design and build the devices of the future.

Graduating from Florida International University May 2023

SmartDew Home Irrigation System

Alex is the team leader for this senior design project. The SmartDew uses battery-powered sensors and cloud-based intelligence to collect dew and distribute it to the plants in the garden.

Mycroft Home Assistant

Based on the project, this device replaces a Google Home or Alexa product. This project required knowledge of Linux systems including Pulse Audio, installing software using Git, and configuration of Debian Linux.

ShellHacks Driving Nanny

In 2022 Alex participated in Shellhacks, largest hackathon in Florida. With his team, Alex created the Driving Nanny to help new drivers make sure they are driving safely.

PC Build and Repair

Alex has been building and repairing small electronics for decades. He has built custom Small Form Factor PCs, repaired dozens of electronic devices, and even repaired a Surface Pro (iFixit repairability score of 2/10)

Girls Who Code

While at Meadowlawn Middle School in St. Petersburg, FL, Alex sponsored a Girls Who Code after school club to encourage young women to pursue careers in computer science and programming.

Training and Other Media

Alex has been a journalist, an educator, a technology trainer, and an engineer. He is a skilled communicator, both through public speaking and digital editing.

Game Jams

For the last 3 years Alex has participated in the Global Game Jam, the world's largest game jam hackathon. His team have built three games, but don't judge too harshly, they only had one weekend!

Math Tutoring

With years of classroom experience and more than a decade of tutoring experience, Alex is great at working with kids to meet their needs and help them understand mathematical concepts, applications, and study skills.


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