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Alex on the Issues


Supporting our public schools is the most crucial issue facing our great state.  Our students are Florida’s most valuable assets. Access to a great education is the key to opening economic opportunities so that every child can fulfill their potential.


Families are getting short-changed because our public schools are under-funded, and our teachers don’t get the resources or respect that they deserve. As an educator, I know first-hand the challenges our kids face in the classroom. We need more teachers in Tallahassee who can advocate for solutions that work for our schools. I am running to bring that perspective to the State House.


Climate Change

We live in one of the most beautiful – and vulnerable – places on earth. It’s imperative to our state’s economy that we address the issues of climate change head-on. This issue is no longer a hypothetical; extreme weather events and rising sea levels are already wreaking havoc on our homes and small businesses. We must act now.


As an Eagle Scout, I believe future generations deserve access to the same natural splendor I enjoyed growing up. When you send me to Tallahassee, I’ll fight to protect our communities and preserve our natural resources.


Affordable Housing

Hard working Florida families should never struggle to keep a roof over their heads. Making sure our citizens have access to affordable housing isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the kind of smart public policy that can help expand and drive economic growth in our state.


When families have a stable place to live they can concentrate on what really matters: their health, their education, and their careers. As your Representative, I’ll fight for families every day in Tallahassee.



We need to build an economy that works for all Floridians, not just those at the very top. Quality, living-wage jobs are the glue that holds families and communities together.


I’ll work across the aisle to encourage entrepreneurship and support small businesses: the driving force of our economy.


Transportation and Infrastructure

I’m dedicated to repairing our infrastructure and building a public transportation system that benefits Floridians from every walk of life.


Our roads and bridges are the framework for a healthy economy and it’s the government’s responsibility to make sure we’re providing Florida’s citizens and businesses with what they need to remain competitive and continue to grow.


Congestion in Pinellas County and other counties throughout the state is at an all-time high.  Investing in a modern public transportation system will ease congestion and will give working people greater access to job opportunities.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Alex Heeren, Democrat, for Florida House District 66.
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